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TripleBond portfolio offers a diverse range of chemistry products, laboratory and medical equipment together with an extensive range of laboratory disposables and supplies. TripleBond also provides services to support  the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Biotechnology sectors together with related industries and applications.

Go Green was developed to identify chemicals that are no longer of use to the original user and divert them from disposal. The program provides research labs with an opportunity to obtain desired chemicals at a lower cost by using remanufactured, non-virgin chemicals, which emphasizes TripleBond’s commitment to protect the environment by reducing the overall volume of hazardous waste generated.

Featured products:

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 Deoxynivalenol (CAS No. 51481-10-8)   
  Virgniamycin complex (CAS No. 11006-76-1)
Virgniamycin M1 (CAS NO. 21411-53-0)

Zearalenone(CAS No. 17924-92-4)

2,2',2''-nitrilotris(acetamide)(CAS No. 4862-18-4)
Zearalenone(CAS No. 17924-92-4)
3-Keto-4-deoxynivalenol( CAS No.111827-63-5)

Fumonisin B1(CAS No. 116355-83-0)

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